Andrea Andersson

Art director/Designer with a Bachelor in Visual Communication from Beckmans College of Design. Currently working as Digital Designer at the children's fashion brand Mini Rodini.

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a selection of projects is featured below.

Mini Rodini

As a digital designer at Mini Rodini, I have the responsibility for the quality and expression of our digital channels. I create content and campaigns for the website and curate the webshop. To see the work please visit, Instagram or Facebook.

Vitamin Well Redesign

As Head of Design at Vitamin Well, I made a redesign of all labels in 22 markets. This was in conjunction with the release of the new flavor raspberry, a product containing caffeine and called AWAKE. The launch concept ”More awake than usual” included a press event invitation of a lightbox together with breakfast delivery. The event was an early glowga (glow + yoga) session.

Björn Borg Iconic

Name, packaging and photography for Björn Borg's new underwear concept. The iconic 90's look of the underwear gave the name “Iconic”. The aesthetics of the decade gave the photo style. The packaging is the same bags used for computer components of the time.

Never Mind the Object Exhibition

Communication concept for Beckmans College of Designs exhibition at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012. The exhibition consisted of objects filled with content, stories more important than the actual form. Ideas that required the viewer to dig a little deeper, to penetrate the surface. We named the exhibition Never Mind the Object and chose to focus on the underlying meaning and idea of ​​the object rather than its appearance.

H&M In-store Communication

Info animations for the H&M stores digital screens. We use the outline of a mobile phone as a backdrop for our message. Graphic animations are swapped for information about H&M's social media channels, return policy and newsletter.

Robert Rudinski Identity and Packaging

Visual identity of Robert Rudinski and packaging concept for his brandy. Robert Rudinski produces Central European delicacies of the highest quality in small editions. The brandy's quality and craftsmanship are visualized through the corresponding uncompromising handmade crocheted labels.

Coop’s Internal Identity

At Garbergs Project, we were commissioned to create the internal identity of Coop’s stores, covering everything from essential identity elements to the smallest sign level. As Coop works to protect the health and environment, we wanted to give the stores an appearance that speaks the same language. Our idea rests on two cornerstones: take back the green color and highlighting the joy of food.

Sollentuna Centrum Christmas Campaign

Christmas campaign for the shopping mall Sollentuna Centrum. The mall has as its marketing strategy to stick to the local area. There are as many ways to celebrate Christmas as residents in Sollentuna. To show the versatility we interviewed and highlighted some Sollentuna families and portrayed their way of spending the holidays in the "High Time of Local Traditions" campaign.

Brand New Exhibition

A collaboration between Sweden's best fashion brands and students at Beckmans College of Design resulted in an exhibition at Nordiska Kompaniet. The students were assigned to interpret and develop the collections of the brands and developed the concept "Brand New" as well as photography and a magazine for exhibition. The magazine contained texts by Brita Zackari and Anja Aronowsky Cronberg on the theme of development as well as pictures by Märta Thisner.